Employment Opportunities For Massage Therapists

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Job Opportunities Massage therapy is continuously growing and lots of people have started to understand the advantages of therapy with respect to maintaining good health, enhanced concentration and overall growth.

Needs for training

Massage therapy has various needs currently based on the location of the therapists. Presently lot of boards who supervise massage therapy demand that therapists must undergo formal education program and also clear the state exam or national certification exam. Some state regulations demand continuous updating of their education status.

There are around 1300 training programs, schools, and college programs in US. They usual cover subjects like anatomy, business, kinesiology, ethics, physiology and also training on massaging techniques focusing on specific modalities.

All such programs differ in accreditation. Lots of massage therapy training programs are associated with accrediting agency or state board. There are around 300 different programs from which you can choose any one. In states which regular the courses, in order to become a massage therapist you must complete the training program from recognized school.

Practice Areas

Massage therapists have option to choose from eighty different types of modalities and get a specialization. Reflexology, acupressure, sports massage, tissue massage, neuromuscular massage, Swedish massage are some categories available. Most of them specialize in more than one category to learn various massaging techniques. A massage could be done for 5-10 minutes or for long duration like 2 hours. For example, massage therapist might use different techniques for an elderly patient and an athlete. Techniques followed on patients who seek relaxation is not same as patients suffering from pain and injuries. There are some massage techniques which are used for particular age group like infant massage.

Job Opportunities

Since massage therapy demands to demand lot of physical work, most therapists do not work on full-time basis. Usually ranging around twenty hours per week is a full-time job for therapists. Usually they have their own business or work as subcontractors for physicians, chiropractors, sports medicine doctors and physical therapy sites. And certain therapists travel around places for offering massages to their clients and even some of them visit the homes of their clients.
Since people have started to understand the advantages of massage therapy, there is increasing demand for therapists and job opportunities are rising continuously.

Many therapists earn minimum of 12 dollars per hour and in based on their specialties and skill sets, they could earn in range of 8-24 dollars per hour. But while developing their reputation which clients, the earnings could increase rapidly as lot of people would start referring them to their friends and neighbors. Lots of therapists make twenty percent of their annual income by getting tips from clients who are satisfied with their work.

Other Employment Opportunities

Since therapists could travel around easily, there is wide range of employment opportunities for them. They could be sub contractors, self-employed and have their own business and offer massages in the home of the clients. They can start working as Physical therapists. Apart from offering physical relaxation and faster recovery time, massage therapy also helps in emotional caring of patients. Hence doctors have started to suggest massage therapy for most patients. It is useful for old age people to improve their energy levels and avoid health frequent problems.
Also massage therapists could learn various modalities and update themselves with latest techniques. This gives them lot of options to work on different jobs.
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Employment Opportunities For Massage Therapists

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This article was published on 2011/04/19