Run A Massage Therapy Business: Steps To Start A Business

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A professional massage therapist need not work forever for an employer. He or she can actually run his or her own massage therapy business. Below you'll see the steps to start a business and how your new business can attract new customers to get massages or try out your other services:

Step A: Remember that branding is important.

When thinking of setting up a massage biz, it is vital that you think of a catchy name and also come up with a mission and vision statement for your biz. It is best that the name you use will immediately give people an idea of what the business is all about just upon reading the biz name. For instance, if you use the name: 'Ready To Serve', people won't immediately think that you are a professional massage therapist. If you utilize the name: 'Massage For Less', without a doubt, people will know that your biz is a massage therapy business.

Displaying mission and vision statements in your massage clinic is also part of the steps to start a business, because these statements fall under branding, and help people understand better what your clinic is all about, your goals, the kind of service you want to provide, and so on.

Step B: Engage in market research within your area first.

Before actually opening your massage center, you should first do some research in terms of what people in your area want: do they need frequent massages, what types of massage are in demand, and many more. By finding out what potential customers in your area need, want, and desire, it will be easier for you to attract new customers to undergo your massages e.g. back pain massages, deep tissue massages, etc. You can learn pertinent information by making phone calls, doing surveys, and the likes.

Step C: Find a good location for the massage therapy business.

Included in the steps to start a business is to search for a good location for the clinic. Opening a center in a residential area is not really a good idea. It is best that you open your biz in a commercial area, or in a location where a lot of people pass by daily e.g. near the subway station, walking distance from the mall, etc. You can also create a website as a professional massage therapist so you people searching the Web for massage clinics can find your biz, and hopefully, drop by for a visit. Remember to optimize your web pages with keywords and follow search engine optimization rules for your web site to be more searchable and more visible.

Step D: Treat customers to a number of promos.

To attract new customers, part of the list of steps to start a business is to come up with promos or packages that give clients value for their money. For instance, you can package a facial massage with a back massage for a cheaper price. Another promo you can give is giving a certain discount percentage for the customer's next visit e.g. 20% of the price for the 2nd visit.

By trying these tips, you're sure to have a massage therapy business that's more successful than other massage clinics/centers.
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Run A Massage Therapy Business: Steps To Start A Business

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This article was published on 2010/11/02